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Welcome to Tetron Systems. We are a redistribution network for internet service providing wireless 2.4/5.0/10.0Ghz band connection throughout New Jersey and New York.

Our redistribution network “hotspots” are featured throughout the state. All access points use state-of-the-art hardware to allocate a connectivity area of up to 1000 meters per access point.

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  1. Hi, your service provision looks great and there’s an access point with 5/5 bar connectivity right inside my neighborhood. It will save me over $50 a month (which is $600 a year)!

    EDIT: Just ordered, cancelled my Comcast subscription, and everything is working smoothly. I’m using the access point to post this, thank a million!!

  2. I saw the network pop up and I was wondering what it was. I connected and tried to go online and it redirected me here. Anyway, I bought it. It’s working great for my house, and my son is really happy with it (he says he gets 40 megabits per second and he said our old ISP gave him 10 megabits per second). Works great thank you guys.

  3. Im only getting 3/5 connection on my ipod but my laptop gets 5/5, i guess its ok cuz my boyfriend gets 4/5 on his ipod so i guess its a problem with mine

    ty worth it

  4. This is the best ISP in the USA hands down. even thoug they dont have their own data center their price is amazing and so was their idea.

    I wanted fast internet so i told my dad and he said its prob a scam or something but then i showed him its only $5 a month so he said he would try it. He likes it too so we told comcast to cancel our internet and now we only have tv from them. ty

  5. I was like 90% sure this was a scam, but in my mind I wanted to buy it so bad!! So I bought the premium service and it wasn’t a scam. TY, now I dont gotta use my moms slow internet

  6. I am an IT technician with 7+ years of experience. I have got to say, this simply one of the greatest ideas in terms of internet servicing. The resale of internet service is insane. This is how a real capitalist ventures on. I assume you’ve self-programmed the VPN network and just paid for a couple routers and subscriptions?

    I have bought the premium service and have got to say the speeds really kick behind. Getting some 108Mbps download speeds compared to my OOL boost-plus subscription topping at around 35Mbps. Though the upload speeds aren’t as par as the download speeds, they match or beat every top ISP in NJ. I’m getting 22Mbps upload with a Gbps ethernet cable, and, according to SpeedTest, have the 7th fastest internet speed result in Lakewood NJ.

  7. i have the normal service. i have a question. if i upgrade my nomral to premium will i download stuff quicker?

    also about the normal service, it works good people. if you want to save $$ and u want good internet switch to normal service. if u want a real good service i think switch to premium. i get connection to the access point almost everywhere in jackson nj.

    • The premium service has an 100% max-throughput guarantee. If you are using the appropriate equipment (hex-band wireless-N 10Ghz adapter) you will achieve up to 5Gbps throughput and some 500Mbps actual internet connectivity.

      However, hex-band adapters are well over $2000 and are likely to be outdated within a few years. If you use a dual-band wireless-N 5Ghz adapter you’ll get around 500Mbps throughput and get internet connectivity downstream speeds of up to 300Mbps.

  8. I got kids so i dont need to worry about going on internet all day, but when i do i want a stable connection that doesnt drop out. thats what this is perfect for many people.. 100% satisfied (especially the price)

  9. I get 4/5 connection but only 56mbps speed???? please clear it up i heard 1000mbps speed, this is my first internet service cuz im 19 in my 1st house ty

    • We offer up to 1000Mbps throughput connectivity (from your device to the access point). If you are connecting with a Wireless-G adapter you are limited to 56Mbps maximum throughput. On newer, Wireless-N adapters you can achieve the full 1000Mbps throughput and get up to 300Mbps actual connectivity to the internet.

      Currently, no public ISP offers actual internet connectivity of 1000Mbps (1Gbps) in the United States, nor in any other country. The speeds you mention are more likely to be seen in private dedicated connections which are well over $1000 a month along with over $30,000 in equipment.

  10. 6/5 service. this is the cheapest internet around. but its not bad, its like 500x bettert han every other internet service. so thanks!!

    • ya this is a real service. i am using it now to post this. the standard service was ok (i had it first) but then i got premium and ive been downloading youtube videos before the page loads hahaha (and the page loads under half a second, really!!)

    • We are a legible service using only the highest network infrastructure equipment to deliver simple and secure wireless N/G/B/A thrice-band connectivity throughout New Jersey and New York.

    • We are planning to setup the following network infrastructures:
      - 20 standard / 4 premium access points throughout Staten Island
      - 10 standard / 1 premium access point(s) in Newark
      - 10 standard / 3 premium access points in Long Island
      - 1 premium access point in Elizabeth

      We have just completed these setups:
      - 30 standard / 10 premium access points throughout New York City

  11. literally almost free insane speed internet, i saw and couldn’t believe but its TRUE!! I upgraded to premium, expect me to be a LONG CUSTOMER!@!@

  12. i wanna let u know that u guys are doing a perfect job, i have quit my last internet connection, now i have this stanard service and it works better than my $30 a month last internet

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