About Us

We are a redistribution network for internet service providing wireless 2.4/5.0/10.0Ghz band connection throughout New Jersey and New York. Tetron Systems began as a small business initiative providing ultra high-speed internet connectivity for low costs.

Redistribution Promotives

Our redistribution agreements are sourced from Optimum Online‘s Ultra internet tier service. Optimum Online’s Ultra internet tier service boasts of 101 megabits per second downstream connectivity and 15 megabits per second upstream connectivity. Our high scalability Java-derived infrastructure VPN software is able to utilize multiple OOL (Optimum Online) Ultra tier subscriptions and subsequently combine service provision into our ever-so-fast network access points.

Technological Informatives

Our standard service access points are delivered thanks to Cisco‘s Linksys E4200V2 dual-band router. Combined with our unique VPN network software, the standard service delivers a 1Gbps throughput to our fiber-optic lines, and initiates usage of quarce bands (Wireless-N/G/B/A).

Our premium service access points are shelled from Cisco‘s ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Service Router. Making use of these enterprise routers, our premium service more than often provides downstream connectivity of up to 1000Mbps*. These access points are cable-wired to deliver a 2.5Gbps throughput!

Legality : Terms and Services

Our internet usage agreement platform limits access to websites providing illegal or strictly adult material. Tetron Systems stands strong against illegal/adult material as such systems also degrade reputables of legality. We preserve all rights to cancel services immediately without refund if such activity as mentioned above persists.


* With usage of the wireless-N band at optimal connectivity.

16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. saw an access point called Tetron Systems that i got 5/5 connection to so i connected and redirected to this site. i bought the standard service and cancelled my optimum online service. good speeds faster than optimum plus i sold my router cuz i dont need it with tetron
    umm i have a question though if im on a site (hackforums.net) that has illegal stuff but isnt illegal is that ok?? i dont wanna get banned

  2. I suggest this as an internet solution for everybody, you’ll fall in love.

    We suggest you start an “Ultra” service or something of the like using ultra-speed connectivity and maybe get some 500Mbps+ internet speed and maybe 10Gbps throughput? If that’s possible?

    • Unfortunately the equipment required for 10Gbps throughput is very costly, too costly for our little business. 10Gbps wireless requires usage of servers in place for routers – which is server wireless porting.

      Such servers capable of delivering 10Gbps throughput would need high-performance equipment that could range into the $10,000′s per access point. The prices would then need to be very high ($500+ per month) – which the average user just can’t afford, and average users are our targets.

  3. hi when i buy this if i go to my aunts house in jersey city, can i still connect if i can pickup an Tetron Systems access point or do I have to buy it again for her house?

    • if you already registered ur device with tetrno systems it would work at all spots (if u got standard works with only standard spots)

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